MYOCYTIN™ is best taken as a post-workout supplement to increase the uptake of Creatine and Glucose by the muscle, replenish water and electrolytes lost during exercise and assist with recovery. 





Training Day

Immediately after training

1-2 serves with

300-600ml of cold water

Rest Days


1 serve with

300ml of cold water


Injury Recovery 

MYOCYTIN™ can also be used during injury recovery and rehab to avoid muscle atrophy. When injured and inactive muscle tissue degrades at a faster rate and muscle building slows down. The decline in muscle tissue contributes to a loss of function and further injuries when not well managed. Scientific research has validated standard creatine supplementation as an effective method to reduce muscle atrophy when used before, during and after rehabilitation. Since MYOCYTIN™ has been shown to be superior to standard creatine, it is a crucial nutritional aid during recovery from musculoskeletal injuries. Furthermore, MYOCYTIN™ contains Taurine. Taurine has been well studied for its cell protection, protein synthesis (protein formation) and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, Taurine supplementation has been shown to reduce markers of muscle damage and oxidative stress, improve recovery and increase muscle strength and function. Finally, MYOCYTIN™ contains electrolytes that are crucial for muscle and nerve health, stimulating contractions and maintaining homeostasis (chemical balance).  




3x daily  

1 serve with 

300-600ml of cold water