Speed, Strength, Endurance Athletes

MYOCYTIN™ is not all about massive gains, the science behind the formula is a great fit for every type of athlete or any active person looking to improve physical and mental performance. While Dextrose will increase the uptake of creatine by the muscle, creatine will also increase the uptake of glucose by the muscle. This will result in higher concentrations of creatine and glycogen (energy storage) in the muscle, which will increase energy availability and improve performance. This will also reduce muscle catabolism (break-down) to be used as energy, improve the time of recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Similarly, Taurine will assist with the reduction of inflammation and protein synthesis (formation), reducing muscle damage and increasing muscle strength and function. MYOCYTIN™ also contains Electrolytes that will support hydration, improve energy production, and stimulate muscle contraction and neuro function. MYOCYTIN™ is beneficial before, during or after strenuous exercise. 






15 to 60 minutes before training

40g (2 scoops) with 300ml of cold water


During training

(when session 1hr or longer)

40g (2 scoops) with

300-600ml of cold water


Immediately after training

40g (2 scoops) with

300-600ml of cold water