Q1. What is the science behind thMYOCYTIN™ formulation?

In order for creatine to enhance performance, it must be absorbed into the bloodstream and then taken into the muscles. MYOCYTIN™ has been formulated to maximise the amount of creatine taken into the muscle, increase glycogen (energy storage) in the muscle, increase anabolism (muscle formation) and decrease catabolism (muscle break-down). Previous research has shown that when standard creatine is ingested only small amounts of creatine are retained and a large percentage is eliminated from the body via the urine. MYOCYTIN™ is designed to increase blood creatine concentrations while simultaneously inducing the release of insulin from the pancreas. This increase in blood insulin will increase the uptake of creatine and glucose by the muscle, decrease the loss of creatine in the urine, and enhance the benefits of creatine supplementation. 

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Q2. Should I be worried about the weight gain associated with creatine supplementation?

The initial weight gain associated with creatine supplementation is due to intracellular water (water within the muscle cells). This causes the cells to swell, which is also referred to as a cell volumizing effect. This effect is a crucial signal to stimulate anabolic effect (muscle construction) and protein synthesis. Therefore, the water retention effect is known to last for the first few days of supplementation, being then replaced by an enhanced gain in muscle mass and strength. Most importantly, MYOCYTIN™ will not increase body fat! The weight gain associated with MYOCYTIN™ supplementation is proven beneficial to enhance muscle mass gain, physical performance and strength.


Q3. Would MYOCYTIN™ work for everyone who takes it?

The research field often classifies individuals into either responders or non-responders when it comes to creatine supplementation. Basically, following creatine supplementation some individuals don’t seem to be able to increase their muscle creatine concentration to the degree that is necessary to see any benefits in performance. During the study comparing MYOCYTIN™ to standard creatine, several individuals in the standard creatine group did not seem to benefit. These individuals (non-responders) didn’t gain anybody mass or received any performance enhancement despite following the loading protocol. However, in the MYOCYTIN™ group, every single athlete increased their bench press performance, upper arm girth and body mass. That means that every single athlete in the MYOCYTIN™ group responded to MYOCYTIN™. This is likely attributed to the fact that MYOCYTIN™ is scientifically formulated to facilitate creatine retention within the skeletal muscle. 


Q4. Could MYOCYTIN™ be used to recover from an injury?

In healthy individuals, muscle tissue is lost and rebuilt every day. If circumstances stay the same, the body manages homeostasis with neither a net loss nor gain. When injured and inactive, however, muscle tissue degrades at a faster rate and muscle building slows. The decline in muscle tissue contributes to a loss of function and further injuries when not well managed. Scientific research has validated standard creatine supplementation as an effective method to reduce muscle atrophy when used before, during and after rehabilitation. Since MYOCYTIN™ has been shown to be superior to standard creatine, it is a crucial nutritional aid during recovery from musculoskeletal injuries. 

Furthermore, during recovery, when inactive, the muscle tissue will require less energy and, therefore, more energy will be available to be transformed into triglycerides and stored as fat tissue. As MYOCYTIN™ increases the uptake of creatine and glucose by muscle cells, less energy will be available to be stored as fat. This process will also slow down muscle atrophy by providing muscle cells with appropriate energy, reducing muscle catabolism. MYOCYTIN™ also contains Taurine. Taurine has been well studied for its cell protection, protein synthesis (protein formation) and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, Taurine supplementation has been shown to reduce markers of muscle damage and oxidative stress, improve recovery and increase muscle strength and function. Finally, MYOCYTIN™ contains electrolytes that are crucial for muscle and nerve health, stimulating contractions and maintaining homeostasis (chemical balance).