Q1. Is MYOCYTIN® more superior than Creatine?

MYOCYTIN™ was created to improve Creatine supplementation and its benefits. The combination of Creatine, Taurine, Dextrose, Minerals and Glycine creates a powerful Creatine Transportation System that increases the uptake of Creatine by the muscles and enhances results. 

Independent scientific research has shown MYOCYTIN™ to be superior to standard creatine (Rogerson and co-workers, 2003). In fact, after only six days of supplementation with MYOCYTIN™ athletes increased their performance on a strength-based performance test significantly more than creatine. Likewise, athletes using MYOCYTIN™ gained over twice as much body mass as standard creatine and increased their upper arm girth by over 200% more than standard creatine. The findings were presented at the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport and the paper was peer-reviewed and published. 

Figure 1: Changes in bench press performance after 6 days supplementation with either regular creatine or MYOCYTIN.


Q2. There are numerous research studies showing creatine enhances performance, what is so special about the MYOCYTIN™ research?

Most creatine studies compare creatine supplementation with placebo. A placebo is basically an inactive substance that has no beneficial effect on performance, used simply to reduce bias. Indeed, scientific research has continuously supported creatine supplementation to enhance physical performance and general wellbeing. What is special about the MYOCYTIN™ research is that MYOCYTIN™ was compared to standard creatine instead of a placebo. Therefore, MYOCYTIN™ was shown to enhance athletic performance more than standard creatine. These findings are particularly remarkable since creatine is already acclaimed scientifically as a very effective means of enhancing athletic performance. 


Q3. Other companies also claim their products are also superior to standard creatine, why is MYOCYTIN™ any different?

Very few companies can back up their marketing claims with published scientific research. Scientific research is a long, expensive and systematic process. Therefore, a company must be very confident in their product and claims to be prepared to have it independently tested by academic researchers. MYOCYTIN™ was formulated after comprehensive literature research of the ingredients and their properties. MYOCYTIN™ was then tested by academic research, the findings were then presented and published. 


Q4. What do the terms Independent and Published mean with regards to the MYOCYTIN™ research?

Many manufacturers provide data that they have collected themselves (in house research). However, if research is to be objective, data should never be collected, processed and analysed by individuals that have a financial interest in the product(s) being researched. Independent research means that researchers who have no financial interest in the outcome of the research has collected, processed and analysed the data. 

If a company promotes a “breakthrough finding” or a product to be “scientifically proven” the research should be published. Publishing research generally involves submitting the research to a scientific conference or scientific journal. Other scientists that are deemed to be experts in the relevant field will then review the research (peer-reviewed). If it is deemed to be of high quality, it will be accepted for publication. If the research has been published it will generally be accompanied by a scientific reference such as the one below:


Rogerson, S, Weatherby, R.P. and Nicholson, V. A comparison of two commercially available creatine supplements on Performance, Anthropometric and Morphological Measures. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 6(4); S39. 2003.


If a company promotes a revolutionary finding and can’t produce a reference to prove that the research has been published, then the research should be viewed with scepticism.