Creatine supplementation can increase muscle and lean mass, strength and power, improving performance and efficiency in sport.

Creatine, in simple terms, recycles energy, giving your muscles a boost of energy, allowing you to train harder. This process also saves the muscle from being depleted to be used as energy (Catabolism). Creatine not only slows down Catabolism (muscle degradation) but also increases Anabolism (muscle construction), being responsible for protein synthesis (formation) in the muscle. Furthermore, Creatine has also been shown to provide antioxidant properties, again acting as an anti-catabolic, as the free radicals generated from exercise can affect muscle fatigue and protein turnover.


The Brain weighs about 2% of your overall body weight but can use up to 25% of total energy. We have supercomputers in our heads, and they require a lot of energy, just like our muscles do. So, the concept with Brain function and Creatine supplementation follows the same path. Creatine plays a vital role in brain energy homeostasis (balance) and Creatine supplementation is shown to increase the energy availability in brain cells, and, therefore, improve memory, speed of processing and mental performance in general.