Independent university research shows Body Science® (BSc) MYOCYTIN™ out-performs standard creatine.

Research published and presented at prestigious2003 Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport

In a double-blind research design, twenty athletes consumed either standard creatine monohydrate or MYOCYTIN™ for six days.

A number of variables were measured before and after the six-day supplementation period, including body mass, arm girth and bench press performance. The results speak for themselves


In only SIX DAYS athletes ingesting MYOCYTIN™ :

  • Gained more than twice as much body mass as those consuming regular creatine.
  • Increased upper arm girth by more than 200 per cent more than regular creatine users.
  • Improved their bench press performance significantly more than users of regular creatine.


What was even more interesting was that several of the athletes in the standard creatine group did not receive any benefits from the creatine.

This result is commonly reported in scientific literature, and these individuals are often termed “non-responders”.

Remarkably, in the MYOCYTIN™ group, EVERY athlete increased his body weight, arm girth and bench press performance.

While many companies promote their creatine products as being superior to their competitors’, MYOCYTIN™ is now one of the few products worldwide with independent university research proving that its formulation is truly superior to pure creatine.



Rogerson, S, Weatherby, R.P. and Nicholson, V. (2003). A comparison of two commercially available creatine supplements on Performance, Anthropometric and Morphological Measures. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 6(4);S39.