Q1. When is the best time to consume MYOCYTIN®?

Simply taking MYOCYTIN™ is enough to get you on the road towards enhanced strength, muscle mass and athletic performance. Studies have shown that consistency is the key to get results from creatine supplementation. However, if we want to get more specific with ideal timing, MYOCYTIN™ is best consumed immediately after training. Research has shown that exercise increases the uptake and retention of creatine in the muscle. This is believed to be due to the increased need to replenish energy sources in the muscle tissue after exercise. These energy sources include glucose and creatine, as well as minerals and water to re-establish chemical homeostasis. Hence the importance of using MYOCYTIN™ and taking full advantage of the Creatine Transport System to increase creatine uptake by the muscle. 


Q2. Would MYOCYTIN™ stack well with any other supplements?

Research has shown that if you combine essential amino acids and glucose after training you will increase the uptake of amino acids and creatine by the muscles, as well as increase the blood concentrations of anabolic hormones and further stimulate protein synthesis (muscle building) following training. Therefore, MYOCYTIN™ will stack well with our Ultra BCEAA or BCAA Fuel straight after training. Furthermore, it is important to maintain an adequate intake of energy and protein to stimulate anabolic processes. Therefore, using some of our quality protein powders in conjunction with MYOCYTIN™ will enhance muscle gain and athletic performance. These include Lean 5 low Carb Protein, Lean Muscle, Athletes’ Standard Whey Protein, Whey Protein and Clean Vegan Protein.  


Q3. Is MYOCYTIN™ safe?

During the MYOCYTIN™ scientific research, MYOCYTIN™ was not associated with any adverse effects. In fact, MYOCYTIN® was well tolerated by all athletes in the study even though they were ingesting relatively large quantities. Furthermore, MYOCYTIN™ was not associated with muscle cramping, which is a common complaint among many athletes ingesting creatine. The MYOCYTIN™ research supports the anecdotal reports from the many elite teams, professional athletes, and other consumers of MYOCYTIN™ who all report that MYOCYTIN™ offers many benefits without any side effects. 


Q4. Would an athlete test positive to MYOCYTIN™?

Every batch of MYOCYTIN™ is banned substance tested and approved by HASTA®.

MYOCYTIN™ is not a drug or banned substance. In fact, none of the ingredients in MYOCYTIN™ is listed on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list. Therefore, MYOCYTIN® can be considered a safe and legal method of enhancing athletic performance, even in elite athletes subjected to regular drug testing. 

For more information on MYOCYTIN™ HASTA Approval click here. 


Q5. Is MYOCYTIN™ only suitable for use by elite athletes?

No, the benefits of MYOCYTIN™ are not limited to elite athletes. Amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts or even individuals beginning a training program may greatly accelerate their strength, muscle gains and athletic performance by consuming MYOCYTIN™. 


Q6. How much MYOCYTIN™ should an athlete take?

This depends on how fast you want to see results.

MYOCYTIN™ can be consumed at the recommended intake of one single 40g serve per day. However, it should be noted that it may take a little longer (3-4 weeks) to notice gains in body mass and athletic performance using this method.

A technique called “loading” can be used with MYOCYTIN™ and this technique has been shown to produce dramatic gains in body mass, limb girth and athletic performance in only 6 days (Rogerson and co-workers, 2003). To load MYOCYTIN™ you need to consume 240g of MYOCYTIN™ per day for 6 days. This 240g dose needs to be divided into four 60g dosages consumed across the day. To be precise you would consume 60 grams at 8.00 am, 60 grams at 12.00 pm, 60 grams at 4.00 pm and 60 grams at 8.00 pm. You only need to follow this high-dose loading phase for 6 days. After that, you can just consume 40 grams of MYOCYTIN™ once per day immediately after training. This loading protocol has been specifically designed for MYOCYTIN™ and has been shown to be very effective by independent scientific research (Rogerson and co-workers, 2003). This loading protocol should not be used with any other creatine products. 

View the loading protocol.